Anneke Hennesen

From the beginning of the Chris Verwijst Tournament Mrs.Anneke Hennesen was a key factor contributing her time and effort especially in the organizing of the lodgings for the players by the various guest families.
After her death dd 18-09-2002 the Anneke Hennesen Award was initiated by the committee to be awarded to a specific volunteer that like Anneke Hennesen in a special way contributes to the Chris Verwijst Tournament.
A difficult task for the committee to make such a choice for the Anneke Hennesen Award, as all volunteers make the Chris Verwijst Tournament possible and what it stands for today, a yearly success story.


Anneke Hennesen

Frits Hennesen 

2003 : Albert Sgroot

2004 : Brigitte Linssen

2005 : Anke and Jo Lemans

2006 : Herman and Sjef

2007: Agnes and Ton Meijers

2008: Netty Erkeland



2011: Ad van Beurden

2012: Monique van de Ven - Melis

2013: Henry van Berkel

2014 : Henny Verwijst

2015 :