Past Tournaments

The Tilburg hockey fans know that every year around Easter time in Tilburg junior hockey players from Europe and the New World are selected to participate in the annual Chris Verwijst Tournament.
Each team eager to win and to take home the cup.
The tournament set in a unique atmosphere surely will remain in the memories of all taking part for years to come.

1977 EV Lustenau Austria
1978 Plattsburg Roadrunners United States of America
1979 EV Landshut West Germany
1980 Poland National Team Poland
1981 EV Landshut West Germany
1982 Norwegian National Team Norway
1983 Norwegian National Team Norway
1984 Poland National Team Poland
1985 Norwegian National Team Norway
1986 Norwegian National Team Norway
1987 Swiss National Team Switzerland
1988 Swiss National Team Switzerland
1989 Swiss National Team Switzerland
1990 Avesta BK Sweden
1991 Kiev Sokol USSR
1992 Stadion Teplice CSSR
1993 French National Team France
1994 French National Team France
1995 Slovan Bratislava Slovakia
1996 Onaping Falls Huskies Canada
1997 Austria National Team Austria
1998 Austria National Team Austria
1999 Austria National Team Austria
2000 Great Britain National Team Great Britain
2001 Denmark National Team Denmark
2002 Austria National Team Austria
2003 France National Team France
2004 Slovenia National Team Slovenia
2005 Swiss National Team Switzerland
2006 Swiss National Team Switzerland
2007 England National Team England
2008 Slovenia National Team Slovenia
2009 Slovenia National Team Slovenia
2010 Belmont Hill School United States of America
2011 Mannheim Jung Adler Germany
2012 RUS Moscow Russia
2013 Penguins Moscow Russia
2014 Edge Prep United States of America
2015 Mannheim Jung Adler Germany
2016 Okanagan Euro Hockeyschool Austria